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Why I Love my VPN

I travel most of the time. This is one of the privileges I get from my being a journalist. Aside from writing, another thing that consumes my waking hours is watching movies online. I love all genres of movies from the classics, to comedy and action, sci-fi and drama. Name it and I would be more than willing to sit back and watch to my heart’s content.

Travelling is fun but what I do not like about travelling is when I cannot access some live video streaming websites due to my location and some sites are geographically-restricted. Like, when I cannot access Netflix when I am out of the States.

Enter VPN. Two years ago, while on a trip, I was so anxious about not being able to access Netflix. I searched for ways to hack it but to no avail and then I learned about VPN. Soon after, I found myself subscribing to a VPN provider.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides me the freedom I need like being able to access banned sites or geographically restricted sites like Netflix and Hulu. Wherever I go, I know I can access my favorite sites and be able to sustain my addiction with movies.

I signed up for IPVanish and I’ve been using it for two years now. Most importantly, I know my personal information are protected from any malicious activities from other people. I also do online financial transactions online like money transfer and online shopping. I am not afraid of identity theft and phishing because what my VPN does is provide a false IP address and encrypt all the important data sent from my device.

The price of IPVanish is reasonable enough. The speed is fast and one of the best features is that it does not log your personal information.

There are lots of Virtual Private Network providers in the market today. For more choices of best VPN, check out best vpn service mag. They provide a balanced and thorough review of all the VPNs in the market. I recommend Ipvanish for everyone who wishes to sigh up for a VPN provider.

Best VPN

vpn serviceI’ve never been ashamed to say that I am a movie addict. Back in the day I was the most prolific renter at the video store. Though I admit I do get a bit nostalgic for those days, I really love how technology makes it so much easier and cheaper to watch movies. But in the last year I got promoted at work, which requires me to travel out of country on a regular basis. What I found out was copyright agreements won’t allow you to watch stuff through Netflix and Hulu outside the United States, and of course I was totally bummed.

For a while I thought my weekly film fix would be forever doomed being cut short, but a friend of mine turned me on to using a VPN. I’d heard of VPNs before but I always assumed they were for hackers and people who did illegal file sharing. It turns out that the best VPN can provide a variety of security services.

After a bit of perusing I decided to subscribe to HideMyAss. I don’t know for sure if it’s the best VPN, but it suits my needs quite well. Because of the way VPNs work, with the rerouting of your IP address to make it look like your web surfing in a completely different part of the world, I can now log in to my Netflix and watch movies to my heart’s content and chip away at my massive queue.

I also found out that I can stream news and sports from the U.S. on my VPN too. An added bonus is the security it gives me. I no longer have any trepidations of logging in to the Internet on open WiFi networks and having my identity ripped off.

With its reasonable prices and reliable service, HideMyAss is the best VPN for me. I highly recommend checking out their website to look at all the awesome stuff they can offer you.

Best VPN

Our government has blocked a lot of websites recently. Most of them are games and videos, the things me and my friends all love to look at and explore, to hunt down the best new game or the funniest new video. Unfortunately we cannot do that anymore. We’re not quite sure why the government put a block on such sites, but we’re not too happy with it either. Thankfully, we’ve discovered numerous VPN services, which allow us to explore the Internet while connected to different countries.

A VPN has to be the best discovery we’ve found in a long time. Now my friends and me don’t need to worry about what sites we cannot visit. We can play all the games and watch the funny videos we’ve come to expect from the Internet without any problems. The VPN service we all chipped in to pay for monthly allows us to protect our personal identity and remain hidden while checking out the Internet. We couldn’t ask for a better service.


My father told us about a service like this. He explained how they work by allowing you to connect to the Internet and appear to be from another country, while keeping your personal information safe and hidden. He told us there were a lot of different services out there for low monthly costs. So we took a chance and explored some of our options. We finally decided on one and made a plan to pay for it monthly. It comes out of all of our paychecks each month, but it’s not month, only a dollar or two here and there from each person. We can live with that.

We’ve since shared it with other guys at school. They all love the service we’ve been using just as much as we do. I couldn’t ask for a better program.

Best VPN Service Reviews

VpnI’ve had a pretty bad experience with wireless internet connections. My family used to live in this apartment building. Everyone there was connected to the same Wi-Fi hotspot. There were probably about twenty apartments in all. One day, we get a new neighbor in the apartment above us. He seemed like a pretty nice guy. Unfortunately, we were pretty wrong about him.

For years, the internet connection at the apartment was pretty good, except on really stormy days. All of a sudden, we started to notice the connection habitually getting slower and slower each day. We talked to the landlord about it, and he said that several others had mentioned the same thing. He did everything he could to fix the problem, but nothing seemed to work.

One morning, I woke up to the sound of yelling. My sister was screaming about having lost money. I went and inquired about what her dilemma was, and she said to me that all of her banking information was gone and her accounts were drained. After some investigation, we discovered that eight other families within the apartment complex had the same problem. When we went to ask the new person, they were gone.

VpnHe was a hacker. He had infiltrated the Wi-Fi and stolen everything he could. Fortunately for all of us, he wasn’t that good. They caught him about a month later and repaid everyone’s money in restitutions. It was suggested to me by a friend that we use a VPN, or virtual private network, to connect from now on. For strong VPN reviews, you can visit this link

It’s pretty cool. We get on the internet here in New York, but the computer network says we’re in Japan. Our information is way more secure and hackers are much less likely to be looking for Japanese IP addresses.Private Internet Access is one of the known VPN online, and was widely use by my friends. Get to know more about it here. You can also browser anonymously with the use of a VPN. HMA or hidemyass is widely known for anonymous browsing and widely used online, to know more about the VPN service, you can visit this site Now I tell everyone I know about VPN services and their great benefits for information and internet security.

VPN in Singapore

Hello, it’s Yi Ling here and I wanted to share an experience I had that maybe you should know about. If you have seen my posts before, you know that I am a 16 year old girl who loves Hollywood movies and American Pop music but sometimes these things are hard to find here in Singapore. A lot of the time, you have to go online to find them and that means downloading them from the Internet or buying them and having them shipped over which takes forever. 

shutterstock_27.b464a125744.w400Well since it takes so long to ship things from America to Singapore, the easiest thing to do is download them, right? It isn’t so easy all the time, as there are laws that prevent these things from being transferred across country borders which I think is silly – wouldn’t you want a bigger audience for your talents? A friend once told me about this and even recommend to use a VPN like meilleur vpn, as she uses it in surfing the web but I just didn’t listen. Anyway, after I had downloaded some music through a peer to peer sharing service, I got a nasty e-mail and a letter from my Internet service provider (I won’t say which one!) telling me that they were going to sue me! for downloading these songs!

I was scared, but it was only a warning (it worked) and I started looking for another way to get the music that I love. My sister told me to use “hidemyass” and I was like what was that? That’s when I discovered virtual private networks (they are called VPNs for short) that let you change your computer’s location. It only took a quick search and there were a lot of options, so I picked out an easy VPN for Singapore and installed the software. It was so easy! Now when I turn the service on, I can be anonymous when I use the Internet and I haven’t gotten any nasty-grams since, here’s a recommended reading pia vpn review and test about VPN service providers. So guys, if you want to be able to use the Internet without being hassled, I strongly suggest you find a good VPN in Singapore and use it!


Secure your IPhone with VPN

My friend’s iphone recently got hacked and all the information on it was stolen. I didn’t want this to happen to me so I quickly downloaded an iphone vpn. I had heard about vpns before but have never used one until now.I was skeptical at first but I am really glad I downloaded a vpn on my iphone. Even I went to Singapore, I’ve just download a vpn provider from one of the best vpn for Singapore reviewed by a tech blogger.

hackedThe iphone vpn I download was quick and easy to use. I am not great with technology in general so I am really glad the iphone vpn was simple. Once it was installed I was eager to try it. I changed my IP address using the vpn then started surfing the internet.

secure iphone

Once I changed my IP address using the iphone vpn, it was like I was completely anonymous online. The web couldn’t tell my location and neither could Google, which seems to know everything. I was very impressed so I kept playing around with my iphone vpn.

I changed my IP address again to a different country. I switched it to the UK to see what they had on Netflix. I was scrolling through and it was like an entire different library, at least completely different than what I am used to in the United States. It was fun to see all the different shows and movies available that we don’t have here. I watched those a while on my iphone.

I am so glad I downloaded the iphone vpn for Philippines, cause when I saw their connections they don’t have any security protocols that my files are publicly shown on the connection and anyone can easily look up to my personal accounts.

I can use the internet without worrying about identity thieves or other people spying on what I do, it gives me complete privacy. I really like that I can see movies and shows in different countries. It is like traveling around the world without leaving my iphone.If you are considering a vpn, I would highly recommend downloading an iphone vpn for Saudi Arabia so that you can assure security of your private accounts.  It is easy to use and gives you privacy online.

Surfing the Internet With an Anonymous Proxy

Many of us do not appreciate the limitations imposed on us by certain websites, if you wish to configure your computer browser settings you can quite easily do so or try a vpn service software  that offers the best vpn service (according to, to increase your protection. An anonymous proxy server allows you more confidentiality within the sites you visit.

internet surfing

The first step is to find an anonymous proxy server by checking out their reviews such as this hidemyass vpn review and comparison-follow the link to compare it with other providers; there are hundreds of free public ones available. Some of them can go offline quickly or have unreliably slow connections. There are websites that provide information on proxy servers, including public ones and the Atom InterSoft server list. You can also conduct your own research with search engines like Google.

The Atom InterSoft server list provides more detail about each server. They list server uptime percentages and how frequently the server has been checked for availability. Go with a server with high uptime percentage, make a note of their server’s IP address and any ports they use. If you have doubts, there is always a vpn service provider-visit this link so that you can ensure to protect you online. If you do get one, then try a top rated vpn to get the best vpn service.

When using Internet Explorer, go to Tools, then select internet options and go to the connection tab and select the LAN settings option. Make sure to tick the ‘use a proxy server for your LAN’ box. In the address field, type the IP address of your selected proxy server, then do the same in the port field for the port number. Remember that you do not need to stay hidden on your personal network, to avoid this, simply select “Bypass proxy server for local addresses”.

fast internet


These simple steps will ensure that next time you surf the web, your new private proxy server will keep your browsing private. Please note that this may make surfing the internet slower, depending on your connection and which proxy you use.

VPN service software review at this review so that you will have the first knowledge how to use the vpn providers software to your computer or gadget.